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Teaching and Cello lessons

Peter Højby Morrison teaches private cello lessons in Copenhagen and online worldwide via 


For online lessons, please check:







With a solid grounding in technique from Janos Starker and other greats of the cello world, Peter’s over-riding passion is to pull the best creativity out of people's hidden drawers. His aim is to get players to think out of the box and teach them how to solve musical and other collaborative issues through creative, bold thinking.

He is also available for group masterclasses for intermediate and advanced students, on repertoire ranging from standard cello, chamber and orchestral music through to contemporary and experimental works. With 25 years experience as a professional performing cellist, Peter has held such masterclasses at music camps in Australia and Denmark, most recently for the Australian Youth Orchestra and The Australian National Academy of Music.

‘’Although I am a violinist, not a cellist, I really wish to recommend Peter as a coach for audition repertoire, both orchestral excerpts and concertos. I met him just before my first big audition and he definitely helped a lot in the one lesson we had.’’ (A. Dima, 2015) 

Peter is not only an incredibly skilled cellist but a patient and masterful teacher. Each lesson I walk away with new technique that I can incorporate into my practice. After returning to the cello after years of not working with an instructor, Peter has quickly brought me back up to speed. I look forward to my lessons each week and would fullheartedly recommend Peter to any cellist looking for high-quality, student-centered instruction. (Dustin L, 2020)


Peter’s experience qualifies him for coaching for examinations, professional performances, competitions and recordings across various instruments.

To enquire with Peter regarding either lessons or masterclasses, email:


P E T E R   H Ø J B Y   M O R R I S O N  
O N   T E A C H I N G

What is most interesting to me is not necessarily how technically impressive a person plays, but what they are trying to say with it. We play music to interact with others and with ourselves. My role as a teacher is of course to teach students the technical fundamentals, but even more, to allow all students to learn how to successfully solve problems themselves in the future in ways that allow for the greatest emotional expression.

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